Elevator Floor Protection

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Installing elevator floor protection

Residential and Commercial Property Managers

When having to turn over elevators for contractor use, our product allows you take back the control of protecting those expensive floors with a sustainable, custom fit and durable product that’s readily available, easy to handle and installs in seconds!

Safely protects: carpet, stone, tile, metal or hardwood flooring.

Elevator Floor Protection is our only product, and all we do. We’re dedicated and focused on providing a fail-safe product our clients love using and value having on hand and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Precision cut to custom fit your elevator’s exact floor measurements, our 2-piece design is lightweight and very easy to handle, easy to install and easy to store between uses and is equally effective completely protecting all flooring types. We add a beveled edge for every door opening that snug up to just inside the metal door track and promotes ease of transition into and out of the elevator without creating a tripping or tipping hazard. Repairing or replacing elevator floors caused by damage during contractor usage is a huge expense, not to mention the disruptive downtime and inconvenience to your tenants during the repair or replacement. Feel more at ease and have peace of mind turning any elevator over to contractors knowing that our product has got you covered!

Go Green! Elevator Floor Protection is made from 100% U.S. recycled HDPE and right here in the good ole US of A.


Custom Made per your elevator dimensions!

Product Merits

  • Years of Reuse
  • Completely covers entire elevator flooring
  • Durable: rigid, will not chip, crack or deteriorate
  • Easy to Handle, Install and Store
  • Leaves No Dust or Debris
  • Consistent Professional Look
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Can be cleaned while in place
  • Impact-Proof Material
  • Green Product: Made with 100% U.S. recycled HDPE in the USA

elevator measuring guide

How to order:

“2-Page Measuring Guide” available here 

Page 1: Insert your measurements from your corresponding Page 2 sketch by associated letter

Note: Some elevators do not use all the letters in their dimensions that’s why the basic rough sketch on page 2 is important. Use only letters that apply, otherwise leave blank.

TIP: Make sure to allow your front panel E & F measurements enough room to make the turn out to meet the inside edge of metal door track. (Best to add 1/8” here)

TIP: Provide all measurements to 1/8”

Page 2: This can be a rough sketch. The most important information are the measurements and that they adhere to the measuring formula below and if they have 2 entrances.

The total front dimensions MUST add up to and equal the total rear dimension. The side dimensions, including the bump out (if any) to just touching the metal door track must add up to equal the complete depth of the elevator from rear wall to just touching the metal door track.

Please remember to complete the information in the top and bottom sections as well on this page to help us properly ship the elevator floor protection to you. Orders with multiple elevators will be shipped together to one location to save on your freight costs and will be labeled by building, elevator number and/or name provided.

Measuring Formula:

“A” MUST = C+G and also D+H

“B” MUST = E + I + F

• Scan and email both pages to:

We’ll review and contact you to verify all information, then place your order.

Watch elevator floor protection installation


$595 to $795

  • Pricing is based on elevator size and number of door openings.
  • 10% Discount Applied on 2 or more elevators
  • Freight is additional and dependent on mileage

Your Elevator Floor Protection will be shipped on its own custom pallet (you can use to store it on between uses) and will arrive to your ship to address within 7-10 Business days from receipt of payment via our QuickBooks system.

***Although we do not currently stock it, we also can offer common area floor protection made from the same material in 4’ x 8’ – 4’ x 6’ – 4’ x 4’ or 4’ x 32” Minimum runs apply and timing is 3-5 weeks. Please call or email for more information***

Please contact us with any questions about our product, its application or on how to measure..