Our Elevator Pitch is…. well…. all about elevators…and The Mission!

The Mission is to produce and offer a reusable, durable, custom fitted and environmentally friendly elevator floor protection product having the sole purpose of eliminating any potential damage to your elevator floor, while making sure your ordering, buying and using experience is perfect.

Single Point of Contact: Elevator Floor Protection is my one and only product and I am your one and only contact. I’m readily available to answer your questions, review and verify your measurements/drawings, enter all orders, provide billing and follow through on every order’s tracking and purchase satisfaction to enhance customer loyalty.

Rick Martin, Elevator Floor Protection founder
Rick Martin, Owner, Server, Cook & Dishwasher
My work background for over 30 years was in Residential and Commercial Moving and it was throughout my career while working in Residential and Commercial buildings with elevators where I saw the value in creating a product to completely protect those expensive elevator floors and the reason I started providing elevator floor protection back in 2015. My work experience also showed me that most, if not all of the elevators that building management turned over to contractors had the custom hanging wall protection on site and available for use, but none had any custom-fitted elevator floor protection on site that they could easily store and bring out and quickly install whenever the need arose.

Now they do! I’m proud of the product, how it performs, its longevity and its green-ness.

Call to Action: A reach out to all Mid & High-Rise Residential and Commercial Property Managers. Please review the product’s objective and merits to decide if purchasing is a prudent investment as an elevator floor damage eliminator and a measurable preventative maintenance value to be shared with your ownership group, HOA, and other Property Managers on your team who also are responsible for a building’s integrity and share in the same desire of protecting their elevators. No one wants either a costly repair/replacement of their elevator flooring, or to experience any downtime and inconvenience to their tenants.

Big Difference: Our product is easy to handle, store and is reusable for years. It’s custom fit to your exact elevator floor dimensions, super strong and resilient and is a very green product you can be proud of. Pre-sized carpet, rubber tiles or cardboard type floor protection will not cover the entire footprint, will not stop impacts, will wear out, rip or tear quickly and you’ll be ordering again and again. Order our product once and have peace of mind. Your maintenance team can clean while product is in place, and the elevator floor protection is specifically designed to be used for construction and moving projects taking a day, a week, a month or even longer.

Green is Good: “G.D.O.E.” is stamped on all of our floor protection as a reminder that we were Given Dominion Over Earth and this is a big part of who I am and what I do as an environmental steward and preserver of the God’s magnificent creation.

  • Green-ness by diverting waste from our nation’s landfills, using that recyclable content to produce a sustainable product, and after a very long useful life, a product that becomes itself…. recyclable.
  • Good-ness in offering up a product that truly performs as designed, is easy to use and store, and serves a distinct purpose in eliminating damage to all elevator flooring types while helping everyone responsible for their building’s elevators integrity


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