Our Elevator Floor Protection is made to last for years of reuse providing realized economic benefits as a long-term floor protection solution. Our product is also impactful as a preventative maintenance value purchase for protecting your elevator flooring from damage when cabs are turned over to contractors. Your elevator floor protection is also made right here in the United States from 100% U.S. recycled content and itself becomes recyclable at the end of its useful life, making it a very green product. There’s a G.D.O.E embedded on our product which stands for “Given Dominion Over Earth” and a big part of who we are as a business.

Custom Fit

Our Elevator Floor Protection is produced and precision cut to your elevators exact flooring footprint based on your measurements thus providing entire coverage and protection for your expensive elevator flooring. Regardless of your elevators size, dimensions, number of door entrances or flooring material, our product has your elevator floor safely and completely covered. We even bevel cut the edge of the floor protection that bumps up to fit right with the inside edge of elevator door track to ease transition of items being rolled into and out of the cab thus eliminating a tripping or tipping hazard. Lightweight, installs in seconds and stores easily in your elevator control room.


Our product is made from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene. HDPE is extremely strong, rigid and resistant to chemicals. It will not chip, crack or deteriorate and can be cleaned while in place. Virtually impact proof at 3/16” thick, our product can easily handle and accommodate foot, equipment and product traffic. So, whether it’s large furniture on 4-wheel dollies or hand trucks, those big contractor gang boxes, carts loaded with drywall or even pallet jacks of product, our elevator floor protection will protect your floor every time. Its two-piece design allows for ease of handling, installation, storage.